Oertzen GmbH & Co. has been established 50 years ago and is located in Ammersbek-Hamburg. Main products are high pressure pumps till 1000 bar with all additional tools, cleaning aircraft and power vacuum units for industrial and commercial use. Rudno d.o.o. has service for all products.
Oertzen GmbH & CO have in production High Presssure Fire Extinguisher Units 200 and 250 bar (type HDL 170 and HDL 250).
Process is created by atomising water.


The company KAMAT - PUMPEN GmbH&CO whose headquarters is in Dortmunt-Witten, is specialized for high-pressure pumps, which are used in industry only. Rudno d.o.o., as a general representative for Croatia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Montenegro, runs a service and sells distribution meterials and other equipment.